Albergo Villa Krupp
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How to reach


On arrival at Capri’s harbour, Marina Grande, either use the Funicular or a taxi if you prefer, which will take you to Piazza Umberto (the famous “Piazzetta”), from which point you reach the part of the island where no vehicular traffic is allowed, and which guarantees peace and quiet as you stroll along the small streets.
The hotel is about 8 minutes’ walk from the Piazzetta.   Should you have heavy luggage, we suggest you use the baggage handling service(there are several steps leading up to the hotel).
Going in the direction of the famous Augustus Gardens, take Via Vittorio Emanuele as far as the Hotel Quisisana, then bear right and continue down Via Federico Serena.
At the bottom of this  street ,opposite the Hotel Luna sign , turn right into Via Matteotti towards the Augustus Gardens and Marina Piccola.   A little way further along, follow the Villa Krupp sign up the short incline and you will have all but arrived …. if necessary, you can telephone the hotel.

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