Albergo Villa Krupp
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Cultural and Televised Events at Villa Krupp

Mario del Monaco,  the famous tenor singer, was a guest of the hotel , when the hotel business was set up

:  The German WDR showed a programme called “Island of Capri” where Villa Blaesus is mentioned.

17 September 1994
:  Presentation of the book “The Other Revolution” (Gorki-Lunacarskij-Bogdanov) by Vittorio Strada, published by “La Conchiglia”.

5 January 1996
:  The hotel was used as the set for one of the episodes of the Italian programme “Stranamore”, presented by Alberto Castagna.

14 November 1999
:  The German station ZDF showed the programme “Wanderlust: Capri” in which the Hotel Villa Krupp is described.

16 September 2000
:  The programme “Capri, Island of Dreams”, part of the German programme “Arte”, includes an interview with the owners of the Hotel Villa Krupp, the subject being Maxim Gorki’s stay at Villa Blaesus.

In July 2006
, the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, Orahn Pamuk, stayed at the hotel.

1 September 2007
:  Presentation of the book “A ‘bitter’ Writer in a ‘sweet‘ Country” (Maxim Gorki in Capri, Sorrento and Moscow) by Michail Talalay, published by Oebalus.

From 1991 to 2007
the Hotel has become a focal point in the “Russian” section of  a series of guided walks led by experts in the fields of history and natural wonders of the island of Capri, promoted by the cultural association and publishers, Oebalus.

On 25th May 2009
, Gorky’s  grandson visited Villa Krupp,  formerly Villa Blaesus.

August-September 2009 :
The Villa Krupp is mentioned in the Corriere della Sera's monthly magazine “Style” No. 8/9 published in August-September 2009.

November  2009
: In the book “Great Escapes - Mediterranean” by Angelika Taschen, published in November 2009, there is a section dedicated to the Hotel Villa Krupp, with photographs and giving its history

On 22 May 2009
, during an advertising spot for the American “Girlfriend Getaways Magazine”, in which holiday destinations of celebrities were featured, there was a short filmed sequence of the Villa Krupp, showing photographs of the hotel.

December 2011:
On the German book “RS MAGAZIN n. 1 Ike und Berthold Roland–Stiftung”, published in December 2011, a whole page –with some pictures-  is about Villa Krupp.

In autumn 2012
, a new edition of Merian, entitled “111 magic places on the water”, has been published, with pictures of the Hotel Villa Krupp.

In May 2012
, the insert of “Marco Polo” included a press report about the Amalfi Coast, in which they wrote about Villa Krupp

On 2nd June 2012
, a video about Gorky was aired by the TV newscast of  RTL Planeta (Russian language), including  shoots of Villa Krupp (formerly Villa Blaesus) as well as an interview with the landlady, Mrs Valentina Settanni.

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